Wednesday, 8 March 2017


  It seems like we have a fair few new members (you guys are awesome, well done.) you curious what you've joined in with? Or, to those of you who've been here a while maybe you want a minor, reminiscent recap of SUCC's 2016/17. PLUS what to get hyped for! 

  Competitions wise we've done kind of well this year, considering. SUCC came no. 1 uni at Dundee's slalom in November, we bossed it at BUCS in February and we even did okay at SCA Polo in January. 

  Now it's time to GET LOOKING FORWARD TO MARCH'S FREESTYLE, FILMNIGHT (18th) AND SLALOM TAXI CUP (15th). It's going to be a belter of a week.  

here's a favourite past video entry to 'wet' your appetite

 You've maybe witnessed our amazing safety at our trips, we can seal launch, handpaddle, Orchey and more to an incredible standard. All for your increased enjoyments. 

FOR MORE SHENANIGANS save the 1st April for our weekend trip. You really want to be on it. 

FINALLY, WE'RE GETTING STICKERS printed and t-shirts are on the horizon. Get excited to show off to everyone with this dutty-peng merch we're offering you. 

REMEMBER AS ALWAYS: OUR THURSDAY POOL SESH, 18:30 followed by BAR HOME, 20:30. Don't get lost. 

SUCC it. out. 

Tuesday, 6 September 2016


Hey guys! youve made it to uni, top stuff. We  are the Strathclyde Uni Canoe Club (SUCC). We are one of the Sports Union clubs here at strathclyde.
We are always open to new members, it doesnt matter if you are a pro or have never been in a boat before, we guarantee you will still have a laugh and heaps of goooood times.
heres a wee video which give you a good idea of what we do :

The club participates in most aspects of the sport, white water kayaking, polo, slalom, freestyle, wild water, drinking tennants and just recreational boating for fun. To find out more CLICK HERE

After a long summer we are excited for our first few events of the year.
Next week we will be at the Freshers Fair on Wedensday the 14th. Come, say hello and find out more, we are a friendly bunch !!

We then have our COME AND TRY IT on friday the 16th.  Meet at 2pm at our store which is just beside the CSR. This will be followed by a social at Bar HOME after, strating at 9PM , our sponser pub, they lay on free food for us which is pretty sweet, and we also get some great drinks deals for our members , cheap cheap pints!!

Our first Pool session will be on thursday the 22nd of September, meeting at the Canoe Store (beside the CSR at 6.15pm, please come along to have a bash! this will be followed by another social at bar home and more free food cheap drinks ectect.
We will also be running our usual freshers weekend trip on the weekend of the 8th/9th of october where we take heaps of freshersup north for a weekend of boating, drinking, new mates and shit tonnes of fun, more details to follow!

Be sure to follow us on social media !
Facebook : add us as a freind
AND join our group 
Instagram @strathcanoe 
Twitter @strathcanoeclub  

Monday, 1 February 2016

Semester 2 

Hey everyone welcome back. Hope y'all had a great Christmas/ exams ect.
Just a wee update on what is going to be happening this semester- 

Check our calendar to stay updated : Calendar


After a slow start due to repair work the pool is now back on again. Thursday 6.30 Royal College Pool, Anyone reading this who hasn't been along before- come!! we are a friendly bunch and totally open to beginners.
Bar home sessions after the pool will continue every week from 8.30 PM - as you would expect


Friday 5th- Saturday 6th
Polo competition at GU- entries have now closed. If your going event details are below.
If your not competing dont worry- there is a night out !!:)


13th14th February #A group are heading to represent the university at the annual BUCS slalom competition- good luck to them! 

FILM NIGHT  Friday 11th March

Big night 11th March, All the carnage clips, all the beer all the best extreme sports films from scotland and beyond- bring yer gran bring yer naan (bread). Get your entries in ect ect. If you have no footage yet there is like 2 months to do something reaaaally stupid and have a couple hundred folk heavy judge you- Seal launch off squinty bridge ? Its your chance to become the next big deal $$$. Invite all your mates from other clubs and encourage them to get an entry in. Event is sponsered by some great brands, have a wee look on the event page queries ask steph.

 SSS Freestyle date tbc

Great competition which will be held at pinkston, Get yer freestyle on. Compete against all the other scottish unis and show everyone your best tricks. There will be  begginer, intermediate and advanced catagorys- as well as a infamfamous "beater" medal.  Post SSS party lasted 3 days last year.....we expect a repeat!!


Weekend Trip-Fri 25th- 27th

Weekend trip to somewhere yet to be decided leaving on the Friday night, returning on the Sunday. Expect lots of boating, lots of partying and lots of fun. Beginners totally welcome so long as you have been to at least 2 pool sessions!!! 

North Esk River race - April 17th 

A group from the club will probably be going to this race 

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Hope all are just about surviving uni, its getting climbing the stairs back from aldi with a full shop kinda toughhh.
Anyway we have so much going on its absolute madness.
So Thursday - POOL- 6.30 Learn some mad skills.
Followed by flat crawl as Im sure you all know - deetz here
Then BUFF CLUB to get more hip hop on.
THIS WEEKEND - TRIPSZSZSZ ( BOTH CURRENTLY FULL frown emoticon ) ContactDuncan Raitt (funcan,whocan) with any regarding inquires.
Saturday- Beginners day trip- we head to a river learn loads of new skills and have a great time......and its a great chance for a spot of swimming . Meet at the store at 8AM
Sunday- Intermediate trip - A more challenging river, lets pray for rain. . Meet at 10AM
This week sees the start of our SWIM TABLE on our website. No running away from the facts now
For one night a year playing polo is socially acceptable. Details to follow, if your interested in playing then Like Ross Costellos post bellow. Followed by a white tshirt party with smelly Glasgow and a night in viper you can only hope you wont remember.
A weekend trip is in the pipeline, so is a ceilidh details to be released in the future ...... ‪#‎suspense‬ ‪#‎excitement‬
Stay classy,
Stay ‪#‎brown‬
Stay tay tay
some motivational music -

Saturday, 19 September 2015


Hey champs, we hope you have all had a good week and those of you who joined us at Pinkston and in the pub had a cracking time! We certainly did!!

If you didn't catch us fear not- we have have 2 pool sessions this week- we would love it if you could make it to one of them. We are expecting it to be quite busy so please just one. ☺
All you need to bring for the pool sessions is swimming stuff, some people like to wear shorts and a rash vest/ t-shirt as well, its up to you. 

Wednesday 23rd extra Pool session. 2-4pm  Royal College Pool. Meet us at the pool at 2pm or at the store at quarter to.  

Thursday 24th Pool session.  meet 6.15pm at the canoe store to help us with boats or just come to the Royal College Pool at 6.30pm. We'll then head straight to the pub!

Thursday 24th Social.
From 8pm onward we will head to bar home to eat free food, drink and chat nonsense to each other in equally good measures. We will head out somewhere after so join us for that!! More details of the night out to follow on facebook
If you can't make the pool either day still feel free to come join us at the pub. 
No excuses for not coming-  we have even made you a map. 

Freshers Weekend Trip. 
On the weekend of the 3rd/4th October we will head away with a bunch of you to do some sweet rivers and get to know each other and have a beer or 20. Always a great weekend and fantastic opportunity to try kayaking properly and meet heaps of good folk. There's rumors of great munch being cooked on the Saturday night for you all as well. Totally beginner friendly- all we ask is that you've come along to at least one (but preferably two) pool session(s) first, sounds good? 

Sign up will open on Friday 25th in the Sports Union on level 7 of the union - Be quick cause it'll sell out fast! We will also need you to have bought a Sports Union Membership and have filled out our medical form, more details will be on the facebook page soon. Cost will be £20. This includes your accommodation (we will be staying in Crianlarich Village Hall), transport, all your equipment and that ever so tasty meal on Saturday night we mentioned. What a bargain. For more info send us a message on facebook or catch us at the Pool/Pub! 

Add us on all the social media stuff
Instagram - @strathcanoe 
Snapchat- strathcanoe 

Over and out- Your loving Committee xoxox

Kirsty Bruce
Kenny Clark
Trip Sec
Duncan Raitt
Stephanie Warne
Lewis Russell
Comp Sec
Ross Costello
Safety & Coaching
Tom Buckley
Kit Sec
Tom King
Freshers Rep
Rachel Oliphant

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Hey guys, just a wee update of our plans for the first few weeks! 

Freshers fair- 

16th September- we will be in attendance with a stall , some questionable tunes, banter and information on the club.

Come and try it!!!!   -

 Thursday 17th,  A chance to come and give kayaking a bash with us for free up at Pinkston water sports!

Pool sessions -         

 Thursdays meet at the store at 6.15- Chance for some practice in the pool and to get acquainted with ze boats. Followed by a cheeky wee pub session at bar home with free food from 8 and cheap pints as per standard.

Freshers weekend trip - 

We take all the freshers we can up  North for a cracking couple of days boating and getting to know us. Will fill up very fast so watch here for signup news !!

A wee video of this trip from a couple years back -Freshers video

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

FRESHERZ and new members. 
We are exceptionally open to new members im sure you will be overjoyed to know. 
The deetz : 
I'm a beginner, can I still join?
Yes of course! Whether you are an experienced boater or have never even sat in a boat in your life, we have got something for you. University is a great place start and develop your skills and the more experienced members of the club will always be on hand to help you. Kayaking is a fantastic sport to try and a great excuse to get out and see some beautiful parts of Scotland!  
How much does it cost to join?
To join you must have purchased a Sports Union membership. You'll only need one for however many sports clubs you choose to join. We don't have an additional membership fee. 
The pool is free with a gym membership otherwise only £1.80. Day trips usually cost between £7 and £10. A weekend trip typically costs £20-£25 and this includes transport, accommodation and an evening meal on the Saturday. What a bargain! 
What do I need to wear? Can I borrow kit?
For the pool sessions you only need your normal swimming stuff and a towel. We will bring down some boats and paddles for you to use. 
For trips you will also need to bring a pair of old shoes and lots of warm non cotton layers. (Scotland is cold!) If you have a wetsuit or any other kit bring that along too! We have boats, paddles and all the other equipment you'll need to get started.
When do you meet?
We have weekly pool sessions which are a great chance to have a go in a warm pool, and learn and perfect skills. After the pool session we have a social which usually takes place at Bar HOME. 
We also have sessions at Pinkston and training on the canal, look out for times on our Facebook group.
Is there somewhere I can store my kayak(s)?
You can store kayaks and any equipment in our canoe store. This is located on campus. To organise this just get in touch with our Kit Secretary.