Wednesday, 2 September 2015

FRESHERZ and new members. 
We are exceptionally open to new members im sure you will be overjoyed to know. 
The deetz : 
I'm a beginner, can I still join?
Yes of course! Whether you are an experienced boater or have never even sat in a boat in your life, we have got something for you. University is a great place start and develop your skills and the more experienced members of the club will always be on hand to help you. Kayaking is a fantastic sport to try and a great excuse to get out and see some beautiful parts of Scotland!  
How much does it cost to join?
To join you must have purchased a Sports Union membership. You'll only need one for however many sports clubs you choose to join. We don't have an additional membership fee. 
The pool is free with a gym membership otherwise only £1.80. Day trips usually cost between £7 and £10. A weekend trip typically costs £20-£25 and this includes transport, accommodation and an evening meal on the Saturday. What a bargain! 
What do I need to wear? Can I borrow kit?
For the pool sessions you only need your normal swimming stuff and a towel. We will bring down some boats and paddles for you to use. 
For trips you will also need to bring a pair of old shoes and lots of warm non cotton layers. (Scotland is cold!) If you have a wetsuit or any other kit bring that along too! We have boats, paddles and all the other equipment you'll need to get started.
When do you meet?
We have weekly pool sessions which are a great chance to have a go in a warm pool, and learn and perfect skills. After the pool session we have a social which usually takes place at Bar HOME. 
We also have sessions at Pinkston and training on the canal, look out for times on our Facebook group.
Is there somewhere I can store my kayak(s)?
You can store kayaks and any equipment in our canoe store. This is located on campus. To organise this just get in touch with our Kit Secretary.

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