Wednesday, 8 March 2017


  It seems like we have a fair few new members (you guys are awesome, well done.) you curious what you've joined in with? Or, to those of you who've been here a while maybe you want a minor, reminiscent recap of SUCC's 2016/17. PLUS what to get hyped for! 

  Competitions wise we've done kind of well this year, considering. SUCC came no. 1 uni at Dundee's slalom in November, we bossed it at BUCS in February and we even did okay at SCA Polo in January. 

  Now it's time to GET LOOKING FORWARD TO MARCH'S FREESTYLE, FILMNIGHT (18th) AND SLALOM TAXI CUP (15th). It's going to be a belter of a week.  

here's a favourite past video entry to 'wet' your appetite

 You've maybe witnessed our amazing safety at our trips, we can seal launch, handpaddle, Orchey and more to an incredible standard. All for your increased enjoyments. 

FOR MORE SHENANIGANS save the 1st April for our weekend trip. You really want to be on it. 

FINALLY, WE'RE GETTING STICKERS printed and t-shirts are on the horizon. Get excited to show off to everyone with this dutty-peng merch we're offering you. 

REMEMBER AS ALWAYS: OUR THURSDAY POOL SESH, 18:30 followed by BAR HOME, 20:30. Don't get lost. 

SUCC it. out. 

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